Being Black in White Liberal Seattle

THIS is a must read and am hungry to see South African stories emerge to grow, encourage and teach us how to do better…

EthioAmerican Daughter

I’ve often wondered about the experiences of black adoptees raised in an all white environment, where they had very little contact with people of color. Moving from DC area to Seattle has made clear to me how exhausting, isolating, and alienating life can be as a black person in a sea of white liberalism.

About 8 months ago, my daughter and I flew out of Reagan National and landed at SeaTac. Settling into Seattle, WA, the 5th whitest city in America, has been a huge cultural shock in more ways than one. I was raised in a diverse community with people of different racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, which I believe in many ways gave me an extremely balanced perspective on the black experience and a strong black identity. Even so, I don’t think anyone could’ve ever prepared my daughter and me for the challenges and complexities of living amongst well-intended…

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1 thought on “Being Black in White Liberal Seattle

  1. I’m also hungry to hear stories such as this from South Africa, shared openly and honestly from the heart. From adoptees as well as adoptive families at large. As an adoptee myself, albeit within the black community, I’m fascinated by interracial adoptions – the experience for the adopted child especially.

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