being smacked in the face by leaves….

Image Some days it feels like there are too many things to do and words that need paper but not enough time to put them down.

Other days it simply means that the introvert part of the outrageous needs to hide.

I have been hiding and recovering from the shock of a sabbatical ending and a new season of work and life and faith starting… new work, deepening relationships, becoming a higher education educator, networking, networking, networking, a back which has forced a slow down period of rest and the reminder when I look outside that it is the season for the old things to be put aside so that new things can come in their stead.

So I am working on BEING STILL (an old but being learnt in a new way discipline) inwardly even when it feels that the wind is howling, being smacked in the face by leaves (is this a metaphor for some of life you may well ask?! Yes actually I can link this a little too well!) and a reminder that actually, I believe in one who calms the storms and goes ahead in the storm.

Be still a little….spring is coming.